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Morning Starr's Healthy Pets Project for Spay/Neuter was set up to assist pet owners with the cost of Spay/Neuter for their pets. Morning Starr will work with Veterinary Clinics and the pet owners to find the most affordable path for Spay/Neuter (rabies shots may be included in assistance). We do NOT allocate funds to pet owners, ONLY Veterinary clinics. If Veterinary bills are already paid we do not reimburse. Pet owners are required to "split" the costs.

Morning Starr will assist with the "split" cost of the Spay/Neuter as long as the costs are within reason. Each situation will be evaluated on a case by case basis. This fund was designed to help keep the pet population down in this area by making Spay/Neuter more affordable.

An application must be complete and approved before assistance can begin. Applications are available at some vet clinics or may be completed below (one for each dog or cat you are applying for).

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