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Your contributions are greatly appreciated and needed to continue these worthwhile programs for our community!

Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit
Tax I. D. # 86-1031301

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"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could only do a little"! Edmund Burke


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Why Donate?

You may ask why we are relentless about asking for your donations…if you would kindly give a couple moments of your time to read the poem below you will understand. If it pulls at your heart it’s because this is a reality for so many dogs and cats. If it inspires you to give then you may be the one to SAVE another of these precious lives that have only us to rely on for their fate. Thank you.

Sheltered Fate
By Rikki Weiss

I pray the Lord this soul to keep
As I put this angel to sleep
I know he’s not the one to blame
For is fate right now, to him that came
It’s not his fault that no one cared
As he walked the streets, cold and scared
Scrounging for shelter and food to eat
Who knew what fate this angel would meet
Brought to the shelter afraid and confused
Not knowing if he would again be abused
Hidden in the cage with fear in his eyes
“They don’t want to hurt me” he slowly realized
Out of his shell he slowly came
He romped and played and fun times
When he was taken out, into the sunshine
He played with families of all ages
Before taking that walk past all those cages
As we entered the room we both knew
Only one of us will leave when it was through
I held him close and apologized
As he looked at me with forgiveness in his eyes
In his heart he knows I tried
To find him the home he had been denied
I scratched his head and kissed his nose
I held him with love as he was given his dose
As he lay down for his eternal sleep
I knew again in heaven one day we would meet
Life at a shelter can sometimes be tough
When time is valued and there just isn’t enough
We look at the faces of those who remain
Beginning the game of chance all over again
We then open our hearts to another one
Knowing it’s not easy “Saving one until there are none”





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