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For Arizona Residents: Shop at Bashas'
This year, Bashas' is again offering a fast and powerful way for Morning Starr to raise money. Thanks A Million for Friends and Neighbors is the name of this year's program that brings a simple approach to fund raising for us.

Bashas' is the only supermarket in the state to offer their customers the chance to link Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary up to their Thank You Card so they can support the cause every time you shop!

Our group identification number is: 29254

The next time you shop at a Bashas' store, you can link this number to your Thank You Card by asking the cashier to enter our group number (29254). You only have to enter the code once and the link remains for the duration of the program. The program runs from September 1-March 31, 2009.

Please share this group account number with family and friends in other communities with a Bashas' in their neighborhood: 29254

Shop with our Online Partners
Shopping online with Amazon? Use the link below to enter the Amazon Smile site and your purchase will help raise funds for Morning Starr Sanctuary.

Shop online with some of the largest retailers and help Morning Starr Sanctuary with each purchase. Up to 15% of each purchase automatically goes to Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary, Inc.


Direct Donations

Rabbit pellets
Goat Cob
Cat and Kitten food (Science Diet)
Dog and Puppy food (Science Diet)
Cat Litter
Ferret Litter (pine pellets, same as for pellet stoves)
Dog Runs (for rabbits in foster homes that live outdoors)
Mister Systems (small with 6 nozzles)
Garden hoses
Alfalfa Hay and/or Grass Hay
Dog and Cat treats
Scratching posts for cats in foster care
Cat beds/Dog beds
Blankets (any size)
Fly spray

Foster Homes are provided with all the needs of the animals they care for. Please help us provide these things for them so all they add is the love.

Most of these feed items can be purchased at Olsen's Grain by calling 928-649-3900. Tell them you want to donate to Morning Starr and they will put it aside for us to pick up. It's that easy!

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little"!
Edmund Burke


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