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Happy Tails

Special Needs Puppy Found Loving Home
Red, the Blind puppy was adopted into a great home. She was to be euthanized because she was blind. Morning Starr saved her and she has now been adopted into a great forever loving home. Her name is now Molly.

Cable Worker Takes a Chance at a Happy Ending
Chance was noticed by a cable worker in the area. He was tied to a fence without water or food. Having pity on him the worker shared her water and lunch. It was all she could do for this poor dog who was tied to a fence by a two foot of chain. A couple of weeks later the same worker was in that area again and noticed the same awful situation but this time the dog was holding his back leg up and seemed to be missing some hair on his body.

He was still without water or food. The temperature was running close to the 100's. The worker saw the owner and asked about his leg. The owner said that the other dogs in the area would beat him up and that one day he got loose and was hit by a car. He was tied back up to the fence without seeing a vet. The worker could not stand it any longer and called the humane society who gave her the Morning Starr number. Chance was released by his owner whose parting words were. "Take him before I kill him.."

First thing was a trip to the vet for X-rays and shots and a neuter. His leg was broken and he was very much underweight. At first they thought the leg would have to come off but we had to get him stronger first. With lots of small meals, which he wolfed down, we managed to fatten him up and the hair on his body started to shine and grow back. After one month he returned to the vet for another X-ray and he was actually healing. Well, now he is running with the other dogs and there is no stopping him.

Happy Ending for Nine of Ten, One Still Awaits a New Home
About 8 months ago, 10, one week old, puppies were dropped off at the local Humane Society to be euthanized. People working there pleaded with the owner of the mother dog to leave the her at least until the puppies were weaned. The owner just wanted them put down. All ten were taken into foster care by Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary until they were 6 weeks of age. At that time Morning Starr took them to their offsite adoptions and adopted every single one to great homes for the Humane Society.

All are in great loving homes except one (which was called Hulkster, because he was the smallest) which was brought back because he was diagnosed with nystagmus. Because he was adopted out under the Humane Society rules the owner was allowed to bring him back (now about 8 weeks old) and they could pick a new puppy.

This did not look good for Hulkster because the humane society is not a NO-kill and who would want to adopt a puppy that has a brain disorder. Morning Starr asked if Hulkster, now Lewis, could be released to our rescue to further investigate the diagnoses. Well, that is Lewis on our adoption page and is now 8 months old and is waiting for that wonderful home that is willing to take a chance! In the meantime he is just about the most lovable puppy.

For more information on Lewis, please contact Morning Starr.

This is Stubby
He came to Morning Starr when his owner passed away. The lady who owned him lived in the country and took very good care of him. The family loved him too but lived in a big city and knew he would never be happy there. He arrived and we quickly had a vet check, neuter and got him his own swimming pool. He is a very good swimmer, as you can see. He has since found a forever home in the cool Prescott country side. Another happy ending.

This stray dog was found roaming Page Springs road at night. She was groomed, had her toenails clipped and was treated for fleas. She has a very sweet temperament and seemed totally devoted to a home when she feels safe. She was possibly 8 or 10 years old, but wagged her tail like a puppy. We placed Meesha in a foster home while we tried to find her a family to take her to a forever home. Meesha passed away before we could find her a new home. It is sad that she is no longer with us but we are happy that she did not roam the streets hungry but instead had a loving family to love her to the end.



Sabrina's Story
Sabrina was found by a thoughtful person who noticed that she was hurt and brought her to the vet. It was discovered that she had been bitten by a rattle snake. No one called to claim her or notice that she was missing it seemed. In this case a cat might be euthanized because it is very painful and needs special attention, which a busy vet office can't always give. She was so sweet that they could not do it so they called Morning Starr to see if we would recover her. When she was picked up the smell of the infection was so bad I had to open the car window and stick my head out.

Her wound was black and was oozing some strange green stuff. It had to be cleaned a couple times a day and she was given antibiotics, which she took very well. She did not like dogs very much and managed to give them a hiss and a swat as they passed her cage.

After about 2 weeks she did not even notice the dogs anymore and was coming out for short exercises. She healed so nicely and seemed to like to play with the dogs, cats and every other animal around the sanctuary. She always was around when someone would visit. She had so much love to give.

A couple came to visit the sanctuary and asked about her and I told them she was very special and could only be adopted to a special family. I explained that she was still healing and required special care. They thought about it. The sanctuary thought about what a great match they would be so it was settled. Sabrina was ready to go to a new forever loving home, with a dog, of course, which she loves.

Sara was a 2 month old filly when she was taken off her mother and sent to a "horse rescue." We were visiting the rescue and bringing hay for the horses when we saw her up in a corner all alone. She was about 4 months old then and very small for her age. She was very lethargic and was not eating. We were concerned about her so we visiting again the next weekend and she was raw from bites on her back from the other horses in the herd. We asked what happened and they told us she accidentally got into the large herd. She had no mother to protect her or to allow her to eat. We treated her wounds and hand fed her.

We hated to leave her but were not sure if we had time for a baby. We had her on our minds so much and the next week we decided we would rescue her. Because she was already at a "rescue" we had to formally adopt her, so we did. The vet came out the next day and said she was badly underdeveloped and needed surgery on her front leg. We hand fed her and washed her wounds until they healed and she was strong enough for surgery. She came though the surgery very well but still has a bone that sticks out a little on her front leg.

Wanting to do the right thing with her I hired a trainer who told me to do some ground work with her and turn her out with my old guys (two old paints) and just let them teach her how to be a horse. That is what I did and my old guys raised her well. She is now 3 years old and runs like the wind. She is still a little on the small size but healthy as a horse!

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