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A New Morning Starr

For years, Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary had as its prime objective finding the best homes for abandoned, abused and unwanted animals of all kinds. At one time we had as many as 50 ferrets, thus becoming the experts we are with these little creatures. We’ve been “home” to an eclectic array of animals such as goats, horses, pigs, a very domineering duck, many bunnies, and at one time an emu. Hundreds more animals have passed through our doors and been held in our arms over the years.

We will continue to do our best to find excellent foster and permanent homes when needs arise; and we’ll continue our commitment of care, food and supplies when unwanted litters are born.

Our Mission

Our mission is to conquer the serious issue of uncontrolled animal population growth. We are committed to helping dog and cat owners realize the benefits of spay/neutering not only for the well-being of their pets, but also their own families’ health.

Our Passion

Our passion is for all animals to experience the kindness and love that humans can provide. It is our unwavering belief that we can and will make a difference in our community with education and support of spay/neuter clinics and programs.

Our Commitment

We take our responsibility to the people and animals of our community very seriously. We are committed to keeping the lines of communication open to our users via our on-line newsletters and through being available by phone when needed.

Our Goal

Our goal is to fulfill our Mission, our Passion and our Commitment to the absolute best of our abilities. We vow the tireless efforts of all those associated with us.

Because we share the same goals and have the same commitment, we are confident in our success.



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